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F5 Solutions Combine with VXLAN to Support Software Defined Networking - Rohit Mehra, IDC

F5 Networks, Inc., the global leader in Application Delivery Networking (ADN), today at VMworld® 2012 Europe announced support for VXLAN functionality, enabling organizations to seamlessly support software defined networking (SDN) initiatives by combining VMware and F5 solutions. F5® BIG-IP® products can natively take advantage of the benefits of VXLAN in the latest VMware environments, based on VMware vSphere® and vCloud Director®. In addition, F5 is announcing its intent to add VXLAN virtual tunneling endpoint capabilities to its BIG-IP products, providing the ability to natively encapsulate and decapsulate VXLAN packets. This innovation will further enable organizations to reliably scale cloud environments and streamline operations.

"Though not entirely a new concept, SDN has recently captured the attention of enterprise and cloud IT," said Rohit Mehra, Director of Enterprise Communications Infrastructure at IDC. "While current deployments still have to catch up with SDN’s promise and business potential, they do signal new ways for IT to improve the agility and efficiency of applications, along with the underlying data center infrastructure. In the near-term, organizations pursuing SDN will benefit significantly from integration initiatives between technology leaders such as VMware and F5." - Rohit Mehra, IDC - October 9, 2012